KCC group has won the first place in Korean quality satisfaction index and sales volume for 9 consecutive years. It was the first to obtain the Korean allergen Association qualification certification in the flooring industry, and was select ed as the best enterprise in the international joint growth index for three consecutive years.

1 core technologies of KCC
KCC, the world's first patented technology, has been successfully applied to PVC flooring, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, dilute formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and remove odor

2 core technology of KCC -- UV high pressure spraying surface treatment
In the production process, the high-strength molecular high-pressure spray on the surface, the surface is more smooth, the anti pollution ability is 6 times higher than the ordinary Pu roll coating process.

3 core technology of KCC -- 3D retinal transfer technology
KCC exclusive transfer film technology, maximize the fidelity and color sense of the pattern, fuller, more colorful, large area laying reflects the three-dimensional sense of the product.

4 core technology of KCC -- double glass fiber structure
Ensure seamless splicing effect under extreme ambient temperature.

5 core technology of KCC -- loess element bottom layer
KCC uses natural loess as one of the floor materials through proprietary technology, which makes functional floor have outstanding environmental protection and self purification, absorption of harmful substances, antibacterial, moisture retention and constant temperature equivalent.